High Security Locks:

A decade has passed since we ventured into the 21st century and humankind has made great leaps in technology with internet, social networking and smart phones. But when it comes to the basics in things like security some 99% of consumers are still securing their assets with 19th century technology.? What I am talking about is the standard pin tumbler lock which is still used today with very little changes since its inception in 1861. What makes a High Security Lock differ from the standard pin tumbler lock is that they provide more time delay in an attempt of unauthorized entry? Unlike conventional pin tumbler locks, High Security Locks usually have billions of combinations.? High Security Locks are constructed with hardened materials which enhance the security of the lock against drilling, pulling, prying, sawing, punching and forcing. ? The main threat to conventional pin tumbler locks today, since the inception of the internet, is lock picking and key bumping websites.? If you Google these two terms you will see that there are literally thousands of websites giving how to instructions to circumvent the conventional pin tumbler locks. High Security Locks have sophisticated security mechanisms such as locking sidebars, skewed angular pins, rotating discs tumblers to name a few, to mitigate against lock picking and key bumping? Lastly, in High Security Locks you can have various levels of what is called Key Control which minimize the risk of unauthorized key duplication? At Neff's Safe, Lock & Security Inc. we provide sales and service of the following High Security Locks? Medeco High Security Locks, Abloy High Security Locks and Schlage Primus High Security Locks.